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Conquering FEAR With Action

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Action, I often say is the antidote to fear! It shows us, that the only limits we have are in our minds and, at the end of the day, we have a choice! As Winston Churchill once said, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

This picture was taken in Cambodia 3 years ago. I had left Canada, very afraid and still not fully recovered. I knew I had to take some courageous next steps, to heal and grow, so I did. I think, this picture shows, the reality of growth. It symbolizes, in it's entirety, what small steps can achieve, even in the face of intense fear.

What is it you've been fearing?

“Action in the face of fear, shows us exactly what it is. A feeling, NOT a reality. It's a stepping stone, NOT a brick wall!”

Let's explore this a little deeper

Fear is a very normal emotion to feel. In fact, over the millennia it has been quite useful and allowed us to survive. However, often times as people, we absorb ourselves in this feeling and mistaken it for reality. It becomes so intense, we begin to use our thoughts to justify the feeling and make whatever limiting beliefs we are entertaining, far more pronounced. Let's take and example. Picture a time you were SO afraid that it actually prevented you from taking action. Maybe it was public speaking, a new job, voicing your opinion, or approaching a person you had a crush on! Think back to the kind of thinking you had around this. It could have been:

"I am not good at speaking, I better not."

"Maybe the person will not like me."

"Next time is better when I am more prepared."

"They won't listen to me anyways."

Notice, we become incredible clever when it comes to making excuses. In fact, the greater the fear, the more we make up reasons to avoid whatever we are afraid of. Fear is an intensely terrible feeling, and we want to do anything we can to end it! Hence, our need to runaway or avoid it!

The key to really moving past your fear, really shattering limiting beliefs and really building yourself and your business is ACTION. It gives us the PROOF that we can do something. In fact not until we "do", do we really grow. This seems so obvious so let me explain useful tips that help 😇.⁠

👉Start! There will never be a perfect time or place. procrastination, analysis paralysis, etc. just lowers our odds of succeeding. Set yourself up for success by taking the first step. Nothing we do will ever go as planned and it's the experience we get from actually doing that helps guide us in new directions and teaches us our major lessons. ⁠

👉Break BIG tasks into small pieces. How? Focus on one baby thing to do at a time. If you have a WHOLE website to build then just get one page done/day. As I write this, I am only thinking of this post, not the 1237 I will have to do in 2021 ⁠

👉Have a bias to action. We have all spent hours reading, listening and learning to self-help and business information. Often times, we don't put it into practice. So, when you are learning, ask yourself: "What will I use this information for?" "How can I use this information" and "When will I use this information"? ⁠

I have news for everyone, FEAR is always going to be present in some way or another. Learning to accept this feeling and move ahead with our dreams is SO important. We don't need to build an empire over night. We don't need to get our first client next month, and we don't need to make 6 figures this year. All we need to do, is take the first step! 😎⁠ That's what I did, my pain was intense, the anxiety was overbearing, the depression maddening. I never thought I'd get better. As whole, the process wasn't practical or even conceivable. But as a series of small steps, choices, and ways of thinking, I got better. If you do the same, you can also accomplish whatever you like!

What are the steps you are not taking? ⁠


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