Mindfulness Training  

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness is so much more than just a "practice", it's a way of awakening your deepest potential, unlocking inner joy, healing life long trauma and fundamentally changing the way you experience life. 

Consider this..... 

  • You're a business leader who needs clarity of mind

  • The stress you experience is persistent and troubling

  • You're losing a sense of purpose or clarity 

  • Your compassion and understanding is low 

  • You want to improve your creativity 

  • You would like better emotional regulation 

  • You are not experiencing joy very often 

  • You want to be stronger for those around you 

  • You find a lack of clarity and direction for yourself 

  • You're ready to evolve spiritually 

  • You want an increase capacity to handle professional demands 

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How Can I help you? 

Fundamental throughout my journey of healing past trauma, depression, anxiety and chronic pain was the teachings and practices of mindfulness meditation

For over 10 years I've learned both Western and traditional methods of meditation from the seminal Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program through to long Vippassana retreats and long hours spent at Theravada monastaries in Asia. Today, I practice Japanese Zen under two notable Zen masters and continue to refine my understanding of this ancient practice and attempt to bring it's teachings to life in a practical, joyful way.  

I work with clients to help them evolve mentally and spiritually and although I never use meditation as a stand alone tool, it is an excellent way to help people heal and cultivate more inner joy and self-awareness. Together we can:

  • Begin a regular meditation practice

  • Make sense of a current practice

  • Distill insight into meaningful and practical wisdom 

  • Develop an authentic understanding of mindfulness

  • Use somatic breathing to help stabilize emotions

  • Cultivate a better relationship with past trauma 

  • Heal from old emotional injuries 

  • Create greater self-regulation 

  • Build a life which seemlessly integrates spirituality 

  • Learn how to utilize the mind-body connection for better health 


8 Week Meditation Training Program 

Experience a structured program with a curriculum including audio and video resources, exercises and live practice. 


One-On-One Mindfulness Coaching 

For those who want a more integrated experience, with faster depth of insight and support. 

Top 5 Reasons Why People Meditate

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