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See If This Sounds Familiar:  

  • You feel like you're alone

  • You're out of balance 

  • There is constant pressure to develop

  • The spotlight is on you all the time 

  • Motivating other's is a challenge 

  • It's difficult to communicate clearly

  • You're not clear with what you want

  • Stress is high 

  • People don't understand you 

  • Happiness is escaping you

  • You have no sense of a 'greater' purpose

  • You're just going through the motions 

  • You can't seem to hit that 'next level' 

  • You don't feel your life or work has a lot of meaning 

  • There is no clear idea on how or where to grow

  • There are constant demands and challenges 

  • Energy levels are low 

Mental Wellness Coaching Will:

  • Improve your capacity to motivate 

  • Increase your energy levels 

  • Improve happiness and wellbeing

  • Enhance personal confidence

  • Create more opportunity 

  • Build better communication skills

  • Decrease loneliness 

  • Empower you to face challenges 

  • Optimize professional and personal decision making

  • Clarify meaningful goals and priorities 

  • Wake up with conviction and direction

  • Help you build a career and life that's worth living 

Leadership is far more than a title or position it's who you are. It’s a process of becoming the best version of yourself and leading others to do the same. 4 key pillars of growth proven to increase happiness, performance, life quality and professional results.


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I Know Where You Are....




Build Self-awareness 

Discover Core Problems

 Create Alignment 



Make Changes    

Build Relationships    

Reconstruct Your Life   



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Optimize Your Mindset    

Increase Happiness    

Create Energy     



Develop Resilience  

Improve Courage   

Increase Influence   



Executive Wellness Coaching
"Be Better"



This is the most critical work you will ever do on the path to deep personal transformation and healing.  Consciousness refers to your awareness of your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environments. Essentially, your consciousness is your awareness of yourself and the world around you. This awareness is subjective and unique to you. YOU are creating the world you live in because your thoughts, emotions and behaviors create the experience of your life. We must uncover limiting beliefs, past traumas and internal psychology which is stopping you from becoming the best version of yoursef possible and creating a negative experience. This part of the process can be uncomfortable but reveals all we need.  


After we unravel some inner truths about who you are, and some of the traumas that may be impacting your life it's time to begin the process of healing. This can involved meditation, psycho-spiritual dialogue, talk therapy, CBT and aligning your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a way the best manifests your happiest, most fulfilled self. We will also explore various wellness practices to ensure you begin feeling like your most optimal self. This part of our work is when you begin to heal your past, embrace your future and start to embody the most authentic version of you. 


Executive Wellness Coaching
"Do Better"



Character is not only what you say, it's what you do and "being" you by "doing" you is a pivotal component of this work. When we learn to express ourselves in the world authentically, share our creations, move with confidence then the right people (our tribe) and the right opportunities begin to present themselves. Learning to walk boldly in YOUR direction is what is going to define you; it is the first step in building/re-building you!  In this area of our work we will take a deep look at where you are now and start to imagine, where you want to be when you are unburdened of past limits and traumas. What bevaviors do you need to start exhibiting? What kind of value sets do you need to hold highest? What parts of your behavior really need to start changing to best manifest your future? Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or creator there is a certain direction you need to go in order to reach your full potential. In order to go in that direction, you'll need to make the necessary changes and steps to change your behavior. 



Although this is the last part of the process in chronology, it's really just the beginning. Actively building and repurposing your life can involve many changes and challenges. Whether it be just having more fulfilled relationships, starting a new business or changing careers we have to go through the process of creating the life we want. This helps reinforce our convictions and keeps is in tune with our innnerselves. This returns us to the conciousness part of our work where again we can understand that fear and insecurity are a natural result of living more authentically and it can only deepen our understanding. Part of this is learning to navigate in the world with your renewed sense of self and communicate your desires, intentions, and vision in a way that creates more opportunities and attractes the right people. 

More About The 4C Framework

I have had the privelege of learning all kinds of healing and coaching methods and stratagies. From ancient Buddhist teachings to cutting edge neuroscience, there is NO one size fits all methodology. That's why I designed the 4C framework. I took over 10 years of personal healing, growth and experience with my clients and distilled it into a process which can be understood, followed and used to deliver optimal results for people. I learned, through and through, what makes a top performing leader, manager, professional or entrepreneur. In short, when you learn to 'BE' a better person (happier, healed, confident) you 'DO' better! Once those two pillars are well sorted, you can have whatever life you want. 

To this end, coaching at Repurpose You is designed to optimize your well-being as an individual first; healing your past and making sense of your life. It is a unique infusion of coaching, therapy, somatic processing, mindfulness, NLP, hypnosis, neuroscience, resilience, neuro-leadership, and bio-pyscho-social techniques. Together, we can help you become a far superior and more innovative entrepreneur, professional or executive and improve the quality of your life, relationships or business.

What People Are Saying

Amputee Athlete

Brent Wakefield, Ph.D, Founder

Brad is simply brilliant. His ability to help me develop a clear vision of who I am, and how I want my life to look like was a major catalyst in my life.  I highly recommend Brad for anyone looking to improve their well-being or productivity. Will be working with him in the future.

Active Senior Man

Jay Wessels, Managing Director, RCM Compliance 

I have been fortunate to have been accepted by Brad as client to help me overcome some of my limitations with getting through a period of my life where I was not getting things done. He listened and intuitively knew how to bring me forward in a supportive and encouraging way and I felt much more optimistic after a session with him. I heartily recommend Brad as Coach and Mentor for anyone on a Professional level down to those just wanting guidance to life issues.

Calm Woman

Patrick Gaveau, Managing Director, E-Nova

Brad is a young, talented, smart and inspired coach who is clear on the essential life and business issues. Rarely did I ever meet any young man, with so much wisdom. Brad knows how to drive growth and performance; and he understand that well being is everything. He can help you grow on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, so that you may strive. I believe he has the experience, tools and the necessary know how, to make you or your business greater, if you have what it takes