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Brad Reed 

My Purpose is to continuously heal and deepen my understanding of myself and the world to achieve my greatest potential in order to share with others so that they can be empowered to grow. 

Today I am a pretty happy man. I am living with purpose, I'm healthy, and building the life of my dreams. I have spent the last 10 years growing, changing, making mistakes and trying to become best version of myself. I moved to Asia, to continue my journey of healing from severe physical and mental challenges and deepen my journey of personal growth. I struggled for over 15 years to find peace and harmony and it took more trial and error than I can remember. I have been able to learn some of the best practices in the world (from some of the best people) around healing, personal development, performance, growth, mental health, happiness and change.  As part of my work here, I was exposed to the world of corporate and executive leadership early in my career which gave me a very informed perspective on what practices, behaviors and personalities were the most conducive to life, business and career success. I witnessed first hand the impact that high stress, unheald trauma and low emotional intelligence had on leaders, professionals and those around them.

I became adamant that that best way for anyone to improve their life, relationships, career or business has to start from the inside-out. Our mindset and our mental health are extraordinary predictors of success and well-being. Entire organizations can flourish if their people are happy and passionate about what they do. So, in short, that's what I do now. I use my extensive scientific education, real life experience, formal training, and novel ideas to help professionals, everywhere become their best selves. When they do this, everything else around them (especially business) sees a dramatic improvement. 

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Any can choose to grow and evolve. It's always in our power to repurpose.......

In order to evolve, we need to re-purpose our thinking, our behavior, our actions, and decisions in order to line up with the vision we have for our future. I work with people who are already driven, devoted, passionate, and are looking to want to be more genuinely engaged with their life. Those who may be stuck and want to take things to the next level, the kind of level that needs re-imagining. The kind of level that needs new growth. The kind of level that needs you to repurpose some area of your life to realize your highest potential.

People with a higher state of well-being, are happier, more confident, more decisive and perform better. So often our traumas of the past can hold us back from fully embodying our potential in the world. By examining and moving through our limiting beliefs and old thinking patterns we can begin to reshape our neurobiology and unconscious mind to help propel us in the direction we need to go in order to live more fulfilling lives. The journey we will go on will no doubt be challenging but also profiundly rewarding and one of (if not the) most transformative work you have ever done. 


Together let’s Repurpose You to help you realize your highest potential. 

Qualifications & Experiences

As part of my continued pursuit to feel better, grow and live a more fulfilled life, I undertook a large amount of professional training that is gloabally recognized and respected. That being said my deepest learning all came from within; from dark moments in my life all the way to the confines of a Thervadan monastey. Either way, I've given my whole self to improving my mental health so I can help you realize your deepest potential. I combine my extensive scientific background with formal training and an intuitive understanding of people to engage with my clients and to provide the right level of coaching that creates meaningful impact. Again my 'qualifications' are vast and varied but I rely heavily on my own experience and the experience of others to work at a deeper level with you to engage with your heart and have impactful and transformative coaching and training experiences.

Accreditations and Training

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Your Story

Only You Can Write The Next Chapter of Your Life 

Deep down, you know that something feels off. You’re working hard, but it never seems to get any easier. You’re snapping at the people you love. You can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. You’re either thinking of the next thing on your to-do list or running to go and do it. It’s time to stop merely surviving, and really start thriving.