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I Help Leaders, Influencers, High-Performers, Coaches, And Entrepreneurs Master Themselves
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Brad Reed 

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You are not alone....

I have been there and walked the path. Multiple times in the last decade I've had to repurpose my life to embody my deeper, most authentic self. In my 20's I was afflicted with years of crippling physical and mental illness which forced me to discover the deep inner workings of the mind, body and soul. This lead to an intense and long healing journey. Instead of staying locked into a life and set of patterns that didn't resonate with me I declined a prestigious Ph.D offer in chemical engineering, left my corporate job, and decided to continue on my path to South East Asia.   


To Asia....

This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've ever made. To dive straight into the heart of Thailand on a one-way ticket with only a bit of money, lot's of fear but a complete conviction in my decision and faith that living my life authentically was the only option. I was faced with many challenging experiences and my body was still relatively frail and weak. At one point, I almost returned home but decided to stick it out and create a journey that was a true reflection of what I wanted. This lead me into deep forest monastaries, Zen masters, healers, strange travellers, more challenging experiences, insight and continued healing. Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia came as big suprises and some of the places I volunteered like Thabarwa Monastary were extremely humbling. Needless to say, the trip was nothing I expected yet everything I needed. To that end, after 6 months of being nomadic I settled in Vietnam. 

Trial and error, and lots of it.....

None of the plans I had moving into Vietnam in 2018 came to fruition. In some senses, it was utter chaos. In others, it was the 'land of opportunity'. I made a living for a while teaching mathematics and chemistry and slowly helped build a career coaching business and began corporate training. Long story short, my training career really picked up and companies kept asking for more work. I'd found my calling, or so I thought. 

I was part of several initiatives which involved a lot of public  speaking, working with CEOs, training and coaching leaders at major multi-national corporations and creating transformational experiences for a range of participants. I met some very interesting and influential people, was part of some prestigious events and was providing value.


However, in the end, it just wasn't me. I was NOT fully embodying my core values, and embracing my gifts. Alot of the work I was doing felt hollow, as I wasn't bridging the deeper, inner wisdom I had cultivated through my spiritual journey with my work. After a tumultuous lock-down in mid 2021, and lots of humbling and deep reflection, I decided to book a one-way ticket to Guatemala. I needed to disengage, dive into the unknown and make sense of my inner voice. I left it all behind with no intentions of returning. Again, I was free to BE.  


Re-igniting my fire in Guatemala....

After nearly 3 years apart, I was re-connected with my family. Covid had separated us, literally across the world. I spent 4 months in Antigua, and the entire time was a deep learning experience. I doubled down on my spiritual practices, met some healers, and worked more closley with my mentors than ever before. Many of my deeper insecurities were brought to light and it provided me the space to reflect more deeply on what was really important to me. Together with close friends and family, I travelled the country, saw the ruins of Tikal, and ultimately climbed a volcano, Acatenango, where I contracted a bad case of Covid-19. All of these elements, again led me back to my deeper self. I followed my heart and returned again to Asia, as my work was not done. 

Finding my grounding again.... 

Upon my return to Asia, I felt, in some senses "at home." Back to Cambodia, and then to Vietnam, I had quite the task ahead of me, which included creating and re-building my personal and professional life in line with my inner-most truth. I spent 2022 immersing myself with new challenges, letting go of things that no longer served me, learning from my mentors and developing my unique offers. This included trips to Thailand and Bali and many additonal trainings and mentoring to consolidate the past 11 years of my own transformation into something that was powerful, effective and transformational for those I worked with. My personal learning curve was huge and enormously humbling; bridging my experience into my work was an immensley rewarding process. I developed very effective trainings, coaching systems and learned a wide variety of new methodologies to help people who had an inner knowing that the life they were living was NOT right. I consolidated this insight with a month long trip back to Guatemala and Canada, a visit from my parents to Vietnam and an advanced Vipassana meditation retreat in Cambodia. 


How I can help you today....​

After spending the entirety of 2022 deepening my understanding of healing, somatics, breathwork, transformation and the power of mind-body, I have put together signature programs, retreats and workshops designed to get you back in touch with your deepest self. From here, you can begin to live a more emotionally fulfilled, meaningful and purpose driven life. My mission is not simple but I have made the committment to devote my life to helping high-performers reach new levels of performance, expand their consciousness, and build a legacy based on positive impact.  Fundamentally, everyone already IS and HAS enough.

 I found a path that led to me to my deepest and most pure self, to the origin of all creation, in this present moment. Here, now we can BE exactly as we were meant to be: Whole, joyous, peaceful and content. We are born whole and complete and removing the obstacles that prevent us from embodying our best selves is a matter of transformation that is difficult, long but ultimately highly revolutionary.


This desire has helped me transform the lives of 100's of struggling professionals. By helping you to connect with your deepest depths and create the most powerful and complete YOU accomplishing your goals becomes far more seemless and inherently rewarding. It is my job to help you see into the source of your power, expand your ability to navigate life from the insight out.


Awaken your deepest potential

Reimagine your future

Repurpose your life 


Some of My Credentials 

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Working on your goals DOESN’T have to be as hard. There IS a better way.


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YOU can choose to grow and evolve. It's always in our power to repurpose.......

My work shows people how to harness the innate power within themselves.Through our mind, body, and soul we create our dreams.


You will stretch yourself

You will expand your capacity to lead 

You will start to BE rather than DO

You will notice shifts in your life

You will begin to trust in yourself 

You will improve relationships

You will feel happier and more grounded

Your stress and anxiety will decrease

Your energy and vitality will increase


I will help you to dream an even bigger dream – then bring it into the world in the HERE-AND-NOW, making it real.


My Clients Have Been Able To... 

  • Heal decades old trauma, chronic pain and illness  

  • Successfully launch and grow their dream business

  • Greatly improve their sense of purpose and meaning

  • Build high-perfoming teams  

  • Drastically increase mental and physical health  

  • Create joy, peace and happiness in their lives 

  • Make transformational life and career decisions 

  • Attain greater professional success 

  • Build meaningful and enriching relationships

  • Become far better leaders for their teams  

  • And a whole lot more....

YOU Have the Power To Change Your Life NOW! 

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