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I Help Leaders, Influencers, High-Performers, Coaches, And Entrepreneurs Master Themselves
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How would your life be if you were living with more meaning, purpose and emotional fulfillment? 

How do you embody your deepest potential in your moment-to-moment experience so your life is a reflection of your most complete self?

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Brad Reed 

Every since I can remember I've been interested in the deep inner workings of 'things'. During my 8 years of studying science and engineering, I always wanted to go DEEPER. 

Alongside my joy of discovery, I was also afflicted with years of crippling physical and mental illness which forced me to discover the deep inner workings of the mind, body and soul! This included deep meditation, breathwork, somatic healing and more. 

With the help of many healers, plants, Zen masters, monks, mentors, certifications and a complete conviction to my own transformation, I found a path that led to me to my deepest and most pure self, to the origin of all creation, in this present moment. Here, now we can BE exactly as we were meant to be: Whole, joyous, peaceful and content. 


This desire has helped me transform the lives of 100's of struggling professionals. By helping you to connect with your deepest depths and create the most powerful and complete YOU accomplishing your goals becomes far more seemless and inherently rewarding. 

Some of My Credentials 

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Working on your goals DOESN’T have to be as hard. There IS a better way.

The body has the power to create massive change in an instant. When it's in a state of coherence rapid healing and change is possible for you.

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YOU can choose to grow and evolve. It's always in our power to repurpose.......

My work shows people how to harness the innate power within themselves.Through our body, we create our dreams.


You will stretch yourself

You will expand your capacity to lead 

You will start to BE rather than DO

You will notice shifts in your life

You will begin to trust in yourself 

You will improve reltionships

You will feel happier and more grounded

Your stress and anxiety will decrease

Your energy and vitality will increase


I will help you to dream an even bigger dream – then bring it into the world in the HERE-AND-NOW, making it real.


My Clients Have Been Able To... 

  • Heal decades old trauma, chronic pain and illness  

  • Successfully launch and grow their dream business

  • Greatly improve their sense of purpose and meaning 

  • Drastically increase mental and physical health  

  • Create joy, peace and happiness in their lives 

  • Make transformational life and career decisions 

  • Attain greater professional success 

  • Build meaningful and enriching relationships

  • Lead others to greatness 

  • And a whole lot more....

YOU Have the Power To Change Your Life NOW!