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Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Transform Your Breathe, Transform Your Body,
Transform Your Life. 

To breathe properly, is to live properly

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Transformational Breathwork 

Breathwork has been the most powerful set of techniques I have ever learned. It has it's routes in ancient traditions but is VERY scientifically validated. For fast, incredible and life changing transformation, this is it.

Together we can:

  • Stabilize emotions

  • Heal past trauma 

  • Improve energy and vitality

  • Increase overall physical health 

  • Improve immune function

  • Lower stress, anxiety and depression

  • Alleviate fear, anxiety and stress

  • Create greater self-regulation 

  • Increase happiness

  • Improve quality and quantity of sleep

  • Improve focus and calibration

  • Enhance creativity and innovation 

Transformational Breathwork Journey

$500 (4 x 75 Minute Sessions)


Each session is customized for your needs and involves an intake evaluation, active coaching, post session exercises and follow up.  

All Chronic Pain, Suffering & Diseases Are Caused By a Lack of Oxygen at The Cellular Level 


Breath Coaching 


One-On-One breathwork sessions are designed to address very specific challenges you are facing and guide you through the appropriate breathing techniques which would best address them.  

Some Benefits Include:

  • Clear unconscious trauma

  • Re-wire old neural pathways 

  • Deal with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

  • Manage fear, anxiety and stress

  • Manage sleep and energy

  • Increase joy, happiness and grounding 

  • Improve focus, memory and brain function

  • Detox the body 

  • Better breathing patterns 

  • Reduce negative responses to triggers 

One-On-One Breathwork Session  

$150 Per Session

Breathwork is an amazing skill to develop.  My coaching provides you with techniques, strategies and exercises to help you significantly improve your overall experience of life through conscious breathing.



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I am grateful for knowing Brad and I appreciate the knowledge and tools he shared with me and my community members. As someone who dived deeply into breathwork I could tell he is not only knowledgeable but passionate about it. His professionalism stood up, and I highly recommend his services, programs, and coaching to any individual who desires to improve their health, get to know themselves on a very deep layer, heal old wounds, and open up new opportunities.

Matan Malavski, Founder & Coach

Learn More About Breathwork 

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