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Breathwork Services

Discover The Power of Breathwork and How it Can Radically Transform Your Life

Are you pursuing enhanced mental, physical, and spiritual well-being without the commitment of lengthy mindfulness courses or regular yoga classes? Discover the effectiveness and efficiency of scientifically proven Breathwork techniques – a transformative approach easily applied to your everyday life.

Reduce stress & achieve internal balance

Improve your health & increase performance

Expand consciousness & release inner trauma

What is breathwork and how does it work?

Breathwork is an ancient and proven set of techniques that significantly improve your mental, physical and spiritual well-being through regulated and controlled breath. It originated in ancient India and was originally named Pranayama. Prana is the Sanskrit word for “energy” or “life force” and Yama is the word for “control” or “regulate". In this case, we can literally understand breathwork as “controlling or regulating your life force.” 

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The Incredible Benefits of Breathwork

Breath is the most effective and efficient way to regulate the nervous system and is also the way we can connect our conscious mind to our unconscious mind. Because of this, we can learn to create physiological changes by controlling our breath in different ways. The benefits from this are enormous and include: 


  • Stress reduction 

  • Mood improvement 

  • Increased immunity

  • Improved focus, memory and concentration 

  • Increased energy 

  • Detoxification 

  • Tension release

  • Trauma release

  • Improved heart health 

  • Improved lung health 

  • Lowered blood pressure 

  • Optimized sleep

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What does the science say?

We breathe around 23 000 times per day. This is mostly an unconscious process but if we learn to regulate our breathing, it can have enormously positive impacts on our overall well-being. Although breathwork originates from China, Tibet and India and its positive benefits have been understood for centuries, Western science has researched and proven the physiology behind the techniques. This is not an exhaustive list and the research is extensive. For example, breathwork has been shown to  decrease stress, reduce anxiety, improve symptoms of depression, and treat PTSD. In addition it has positive benefits on memory, attentions and focus

Breathwork has also been shown to improve our physical health including sleep health, heart health, blood pressure, low energy, pain management, immune function and endurance.


"All Chronic Pain, Suffering & Diseases Are Caused By a Lack of Oxygen at The Cellular Level"

Who is Breathwork For?

Anyone with a nervous system! No matter who you are, breathwork can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. People who are experiencing high levels of stress, low energy and burnout. Those suffering from poor sleep, reduced focus and dwindling levels of performance and satisfaction. Breathwork also significantly helps with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. Individuals who would like to optimize endurance, increase their immunity and optimize their heart and lung health can greatly benefit from breathwork. Lastly, breathwork can help with those struggling with pain, muscle tension, PTSD and trauma. Specifically for:


  • Executives, entrepreneurs and leaders  

  • Physicians, psychologists and service workers 

  • Professionals seeking to transform their overall well-being


Getting Started With Breathwork

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Transformational Breathwork

Breathwork has been the most powerful set of techniques I have ever learned. ​It has it's routes in ancient traditions but is VERY scientifically validated. For fast, incredible and life changing transformation, this is it. Together we can:

  • Clear unconscious trauma

  • Re-wire old neural pathways 

  • Deal with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

  • Manage fear, anxiety and stress

  • Manage sleep and energy

  • Increase joy, happiness and grounding 

  • Improve focus, memory and brain function

  • Detox the body 

  • Better breathing patterns 

  • Reduce negative responses to triggers

Breathwork Services for Organizations & Groups 


Coaching & Workshops

Team & group breathwork workshops are designed to address very specific challenges you are facing and guide participants through the appropriate breathing techniques which would best address their overall well-being. They are also infused with best practices for optimal team performance to ensure that the training is practical and relatable  These one day trainings help professionals:

  • Manage stress 

  • Build resilience 

  • Reduce conflict 

  • Decrease burnout 

  • Improve creativity 

  • Improve team spirit 

  • Optimize performance 

  • Develop better habits 

  • Foster team spirit 

  • Enhance collaboration 

Some of my Happy Customers

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I joined Brad’s Power of Breath workshop, while I was in Siem Reap. Brad is very knowledgeable, and facilitated a very informative workshop where I walked away with many tools for my own personal practice. Brad created a safe space and we felt open to share feedback as we went along and also to ask any questions. I would highly recommend anyone to join one of Brad’s workshops or teachings he has on offer.

Meaghan, Supply Planner

Some Companies I Have Trained For 


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