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To Know One's Own Mind
is Nothing Short of

Mindfulness allows us to live life fully. Fully aware, fully awake, fully alive.

Meditation & Somatic Wellness 

Meditation is so much more than just a "practice", it's a way of awakening your deepest potential, unlocking inner joy, healing life long trauma and fundamentally changing the way you experience life. 

Consider this..... 

  • The stress you experience is persistent and troubling

  • You're losing a sense of purpose or clarity

  • You're relationships feel strained 

  • Your compassion and understanding is low 

  • You want to improve your creativity 

  • You would like better emotional regulation 

  • You are not experiencing joy very often 

  • You want to be stronger for those around you 

  • You find a lack of clarity and direction for yourself 

  • You're ready to evolve spiritually 

  • You want to handle greater tasks with ease

I can help you with this. My meditation programs are meant for business professionals looking to live with greater ease, joy, meaning and purpose. 


Transformational Wellness Journey 

$1500 (8 Week Program)

Experience a structured program with a curriculum including audio and video resources, exercises and live practice. By the end you will have a good grounding in mindfulness, breathwork and other somatic techniques which will significantly improve your quality of life. 




The Science of Mindfulness Shows The % of People Who Improve in These Areas 

IMG_0587 (2).jpg


Meditation Coaching 


Everyone's practice path looks different. Using the right meditation technique and setting up the right routine is very individual and can take time to establish. Whether you are beginning a new practice, refining an old one or are looking for some more in-depth dialogue around insight and integrating mindfulness into your life, coaching would be a good choice. Our sessions also include MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy) and other tools to help you better handle relationships, stress, challenges and obstacles with more grace, ease and presence. 

Some Benefits Include:

  • Customized suggestions and resources

  • Clarity with your practice

  • Become 'unstuck' 

  • Learn to integrate practice into your life

  • Understand where you need to develop

  • Learn the psychology & science of mindfulness

  • Re-wire negative and destructive thought patterns

  • Changing 'bad' habits

  • Improving self-compassion & forgiveness 

  • Boosting self-confidence 

  • Deep dive into traditional Eastern practices

  • Experience greater benefits from meditation  

One-On-One Coaching  

$150 Per Session

Please, contact me for more information about how we work together to strengthen, deepen and awaken your practice. 




Brad is clever, energized and inspirational person. He is also a good mentor, coach & friend. Through Brad, I can discover more the matter on leadership & management topics. It's really useful for me and my colleagues. He also to help you to recognize the inside values of yourself then you develop more and more. Thank you Brad for all you did !!!

Kha Bui, Head of L&D

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