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High Performance Coaching: 
Create a More Meaningful, Fulfilling & Purpose Driven Life

Life is not meant to be lived in survival mode. High-performance coaching isn’t about doing it’s about being more. The constant pressure of achieving and moving forward takes us away from understanding and aligning with who we really are. I’m here to help you get back in touch with your authentic self, live with more joy and leave a great legacy.

Increased self-awareness, empathy & inner wisdom.

Improved mental, physical & spiritual health

Find clarity & purpose through connection 

What is high Performance Coaching?

High-performance coaching helps you achieve your very best by unlocking your ability to live and work in a way that maximizes your well-being, authentic expression, and personal freedom. Working with me is deep and we explore the body and mind to determine what is really holding you back, what are your core values and how to create the necessary internal and external changes to create a life of love and abundance that feels TRUE!

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How does High-performance coaching work?

The entire process requires a deep commitment from both you as the client, and I as the coach, in order to feel the maximum benefits. Through a process of building deep self-awareness, bit by bit, we work at the deepest layers of the nervous system and the unconscious mind to re-wire and change your mind-body in a way that builds you up to be a better version of yourself. This involves exploring mental and physical health, relationships, mindsets, history, choices, blockages, habits and a deeper, intuitive part of yourself which you will be able to draw energy, inspiration and answers. Slowly, as awareness is deepened, and the necessary tools are used to transform the mind-body, you will get in touch with a part of yourself that has always been there, but you didn’t always have access to. Your life will become an inside-out journey, rather than an outside-in one and you will begin to experience clear, measurable and tangible changes towards a better you.

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I’ve been where you are...... 

Most of my life I was working through deep mental, emotional and physical issues. So much so, that for the majority of my time as an adult I have not been able to live a normal life. This took me on a profound and challenging journey back to the deeper truths of the Universe. I’ve faced relationship failures, addictions, aimless travel, financial loss, extreme low confidence, loss of motivation, career setbacks, and much more. 


Through the deep teachings of Zen, Yoga, Somatics, psychology, energy and thThrough the deep teachings of Zen,yoga, somatics, psychology, energy and the larger principles of human behavior and conscious leadership I have been able to witness my own deep transformation; my life today is far better than it was. Let’s get started and see how I can help you build a better life for yourself and those around you.e larger principles of human behavior and conscious leadership I can help you build a better life for yourself and those around you.


 Through a process of building deep self-awareness, bit by bit, we work at the deepest layers of the nervous system and the unconscious mind to re-wire and change your mind-body in a way that builds you up to be a better version of yourself.

Who is it for & what are the outcomes

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This high-performance coaching program is NOT for everyone and I take on only a select few people every year. The program is intense but the results are absolutely life-changing.

My program is ideal if you are: 


  • A founder looking to lead with more energy passion or purpose 

  • An executive who wants to feel more complete and energized 

  • A lawyer looking to make it through the day 

  • A physician who desires to get back so much of what they give

  • A manager struggling with stress and leadership 

  • A professional who is craving change and optimal living 

  • A high performer who wants more balance and harmony in their lives

As a Result of My Coaching, My Clients Have Been Able To:

  • Heal decades old trauma, chronic pain and illness  

  • Successfully start new ventures 

  • Greatly improve their sense of purpose and meaning

  • Build high-performing teams  

  • Drastically increase mental and physical health  

  • Create joy, peace and happiness in their lives 

  • Make transformational life and career decisions 

  • Attain greater professional success 

  • Build meaningful and enriching relationships

  • Become far better leaders for their teams  

  • And a whole lot more....

What is my signature AAA coaching process?

Intuitive Awareness: Listen to your inner voice, discover what you really want.

Intentional Alignment: Heal, master your fear, optimize your relationships & environment. et

Inspired Action: Make tangible changes, behave more authentically, create  & succeed.

This is the best way to transform your life in a meaningful and powerful way. To this end, I have taken ALL I know and created a process which does just that. Empowers you to remember your deepest potential, reimagine your future and repurpose your life.

The AAA circle is never complete. New action brings new awareness and new awareness can require new alignment. As my Zen master once said, “As far as I can tell, the work is never done.” I wholeheartedly agree with him.

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Change is not seen all at once. It will be a struggle to implement your new ways of thinking and your new habits. Don’t be disheartened. That IS the process. The goal here is not the end, it’s the path. The end isn’t possible without the means and if it was, it wouldn’t have any significance.

In many ways, this program is just the beginning. As a result of building awareness, creating alignment and taking action, you continually uncover the deepest parts of yourself and evolve to live in the world more meaningfully. The lows will be higher and the highs, higher. The person who you always knew you could be, absent the struggles and emotional turmoil will decidedly begin to manifest and you’ll slowly realize you were there, all along. You were just buried under your own limitations. You chose instead to remove the weight and begin to walk anew. You will feel the grounding of a life without burden and the freedom to move in the world as your most authentic self.

Getting Started With High Performance Coaching


Work with me - understanding my coaching process

  1. Step 1: Discovery call: Due to the nature of this work, I screen clients heavily. It is not for anyone, and it works best with those who have considerable drive and desire to change. Once we determine fitment, we agree on a plan which clearly identifies outcomes of the coaching journey. 

  2. Step 2: Preliminary sessions: We will spend time outlining more clearly the coaching journey, completing the required psychometrics tests, sending you the appropriate resources and creating a shared Google Drive. We will also determine the logistics of the coaching journey and pre-arranged times to meet. 

  3. Step 3: Initial session: After it is clear where we are headed, we need to clearly see where we are coming from. This session will be provocative and bring to the surface some deeper truths that we will need to address. This will allow us to appropriately pin-point what we need to work on and what’s really holding you back. 

  4. Step 4: Continue sessions: Using my proprietary AAA coaching model we will continually deepen awareness, create alignment and take action towards the life you want. During this time setbacks are expected and a great opportunity for continued growth. During these times, the coaching may become more frequent as needed to ensure stable transformation. 

  5. Step 5: Concluding: Towards the end of your coaching journey it’s important to equip you with the practices, tools and mindsets to continue your growth independent of our engagement. This will also allow us to reflect on where you were, and where you are. What have you accomplished and what are the permanent changes you can feel? 

Some of my Happy Customers

“​I joined Brad’s Power of Breath workshop, while I was in Siem Reap. Brad is very knowledgeable, and facilitated a very informative workshop where I walked away with many tools for my own personal practice. Brad created a safe space and we felt open to share feedback as we went along and also to ask any questions. I would highly recommend anyone to join one of Brad’s workshops or teachings he has on offer."

Meaghan Jones, Supply Planner

Alexa Young, CA


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