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Heal Differently: Explore Somatic Therapy for a Transformative Path to Healthy, Happy Authentic Living 

Somatic therapy is a profound modality that nurtures the intimate relationship between the mind and the body, offering a holistic approach to wellness that deepens healing and maximizes transformation. At its core, somatic therapy uses our body to create profound changes in our day-to-day experiences.

Improve relationships and trust issues. 

Eliminate mental & physical health issues

End destructive tendencies preventing your success

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is a form of alternative therapy that emphasizes the mind-body connection and its role in emotional and physical healing. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which often focuses primarily on pharmaceuticals, Somatic Therapy integrates physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions to address the root cause of issues rather than just symptomatic relief

Our bodies are repositories of our life experiences, our traumas, and our joys. Through somatic practices, we can peel back the layers of tension, pain, and disconnection that have accumulated over time, reestablishing a harmonious mind-body connection allowing us to live a more authentic, meaningful, emotionally fulfilled and purpose driven life. This therapy is scientifically validated and very safe.

Somatic Breathwork

I’ve been where you are

I was so desperate for something that actually worked…..


Achieving genuine and lasting change is what we want. To feel more emotionally fulfilled, confident and clear with who we are and what we want. Somatic therapy is not only medication free, it truly integrates the mind-body for holistic transformation that lasts. Much of Western medicine and even alternative approaches create a reliance onf the medicine of the practitioner

Somatic Breathwork Practitioner

Longing for a deeper understanding of yourself and how your body holds onto stress and trauma?

How Does Somatic Therapy Work?

Somatic therapy uses the breathwork, movement, self-compassion, emotional release techniques, traditional talk therapy, and touch to access the deepest parts of the nervous system and memory to create significant improvements in overall physical and mental well-being. This approach empowers you to utilize the tools on your own, independent of the therapist to help integrate the practices into your daily life and achieve sustained healing and continued growth. Somatic therapy blends together traditional Eastern practices like mindfulness, yoga, breathing and grounding techniques with leading edge and clinically proven Western approaches to treating trauma.

How does Somatic Therapy work?

Who is Somatic Therapy For?

Who benefits from Somatic Therapy?

  • Anyone who wants a more integrated and holistic approach to genuine healing and recovery.

  • If your current therapy or counseling is not working and you’d like to experience something more efficient. 

  • Those wishing to learn the necessary tools and techniques to achieve tangible changes in their physical and mental health

  • If you’re looking for a scientifically validated, non-invasive alternative to traditional Western medicine 

  • You would like to improve self-awareness, self-regulation and deepen your mind-body connection.

Getting Started With Somatic Therapy

Brad Reed - Somatic Therapist

How do my services work?

1. You complete an intake form and initial assessment which accurately measures the state of your body and reveals specific subconscious patterns. 

2. We have an initial session to get a better overview of the challenges that you'd like to address. Often, we begin somatic practices in the first session. 


3. A Therapy plan is created and a trajectory for the journey is established. This includes activities and resources outside of the one-on-one sessions to ensure continued progress. 


4. You will not only be utilizing various techniques consistently but also engaging periodically in more immersive and deep  healing sessions using breathwork, TRE and Hypnosis as needed. 


5. Once the initial milestones of the program are achieved you will have a chance to continue as is, reduce the number of sessions or start a new journey. 


6. You will have permanent access to resources and activities created during the program to ensure you have a reliable fall back for continued growth.

Some of my Happy Customers

“​I joined Brad’s Power of Breath workshop, while I was in Siem Reap. Brad is very knowledgeable, and facilitated a very informative workshop where I walked away with many tools for my own personal practice. Brad created a safe space and we felt open to share feedback as we went along and also to ask any questions. I would highly recommend anyone to join one of Brad’s workshops or teachings he has on offer."

Meaghan Jones, Supply Planner

Alexa Young, CA


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