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Transform Your Life, Achieve Your Goals, and Experience a Sense of Wholeness  

Discover the transformative power of our mind-body centered coaching. Specializing in breathwork, somatic healing, and Zen leadership, we guide individuals feeling overwhelmed and misaligned towards a rejuvenated sense of clarity, direction, and profound personal growth.

Achieve Optimal Physical & Psychological Health 

Lead an Authentic Life With Clarity, Purpose & Fulfillment 

Create a Legacy that Matters for the World


You are feeling stressed, lost, & drained, disconnected from your true self & yearning for meaningful change &
a sense of well-being. 

As a high-achieving and high-performing professional, you’ve reached a point in your life where you recognize that you can't continue on the same path. The stress, uncertainty, fear, and continuous longing for change have become too strong to ignore. However, you find myself unsure of where to start, what to do, and who to turn to for guidance. 

  • You’re dealing with constant uncertainty and lack of direction 

  • Fear, stress and lowered mood states are common 

  • You have success but something is missing in your life

Our life is experienced through the body. Fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, loss are FEELINGS. Change your present moment experience, and CHANGE your life! 


Meet Your Guide

Hi I'm Brad

I teach high performers how to harness the innate power within themselves. The power to create their dreams in the here-and-now.

We work at the level of the body and unconcsious mind to ensure faster, deeper and more transformative change. 

Using somatic coaching, breathwork, mindfulness and ancient wisdom, I've worked with 100's of stressed and burned out professionals to help them live more emotionally fulfilling, and purpose driven lives.

See more.  

Brad Reed Meditation Coach
Jean-Paul Riby

Brad is a coach of another nature who displays a skill set, expertise and knowledge that is beyond expectations for external learning. His training are based on practical solutions, personal experiences, book references and many others to mention. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking at improving their career or life. 

Jean-Paul Riby, CEO 

Some Companies I Have Trained For 


How I Can Help

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"Your life should be an embodiment of your happiest, most authentic self"

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