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How Can I
Support You on
Your Journey?

How would your life be if you were living with more meaning, purpose and emotional fulfillment? 

Fundamentally, We are born with EVERYTHING We Need....

COACHING: When I meet someone interested in coaching I get curious about two things:


What is the most authentic expression of who you are? 


What powerful desires do you have that you're not acting on?

What's getting in the way of you BEING the best you can in life, right now?

Together, we need to define your 'edge' that place where you know you belong, but just can't step into. 

Change does not take forever, change is always happening here and now. It’s our degree of awareness to the change that is always at our disposal that facilitates the next phase of our evolution.


We unlock your potential from the inside out and bring you into your greatness, moment-to-moment. We will utilize the power or meditation, breathwork and deep somatic awareness to create immediate and lasting change. 

One-On-One Coaching 

$150 (90 Minute Session)


IMG_0577 (2).jpg

Repurpose You AAA Coaching Program

Whether we like it or not, life is change. It's time to choose the change you want to see. 


Through a combination of meditation, breathwork, somatic therapy, cognitive therapies and performance coaching we will work through the parts of you that keep you stuck and heal your body-mind so you can move in the world with more peace, joy, freedom, confidence and purpose. This is the most comprehensive, deep-dive program I offer. By the end of the 16 week program you should:

  • Feel more confident, vibrant and grounded

  • Find meaning and joy in your daily activities

  • Have a more clear sense of purpose 

  • Attain greater emotional fulfillment 

  • Lower your stress, anxiety and uncomfortable moods

  • Improve mental and physical health

  • Build greater self-awareness

  • Have stronger emotional resilience 

  • Improve your relationships

  • Find clarity with your life, business or career

  • Reduce your fears and limiting beliefs

Remember your deepest potential

Reimagine your future

Repurpose your life 


Repurpose You Signature Program  

$5000 (16 Week Program)


image 7.jpg

YOU can choose to grow and evolve. It's always in our power to repurpose.......

You will learn to harness the innate power within themselves. We we integrate our mind-body we come into harmony. When we come into harmony, we become whole. 


You will stretch yourself

You will expand your capacity to lead 

You will start to BE rather than DO

You will notice shifts in your life

You will begin to trust in yourself 

You will improve relationships

You will feel happier and more grounded

Your stress and anxiety will decrease

Your energy and vitality will increase


I will help you to realize your deeper potentials, draw them from the deepest parts of you and bring the into the world in the HERE-AND-NOW, 


My Clients Have Been Able To... 

  • Heal decades old trauma, chronic pain and illness  

  • Successfully start new ventures 

  • Greatly improve their sense of purpose and meaning

  • Build high-performing teams  

  • Drastically increase mental and physical health  

  • Create joy, peace and happiness in their lives 

  • Make transformational life and career decisions 

  • Attain greater professional success 

  • Build meaningful and enriching relationships

  • Become far better leaders for their teams  

  • And a whole lot more....

YOU Have the Power To Change Your Life NOW! 


Brad is simply brilliant. His ability to help me develop a clear vision of who I am, and how I want my life to look like was a major catalyst in my life. His check in sessions were always insightful, and allowed me to reframe my thought process and realign my focus and improve my mental hygiene when life got challenging.

Brent Wakefield, PhD

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