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A workshop on how to transform your mental well-being and live a happier life!

Managing Stress
and Anxiety

$27 USD

October 23rd
7.00 pm - 10.00 pm EST
No upcoming events at the moment
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What Can You Expect?
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Instant stress relief and calming techniques which will be practiced LIVE

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Long-term, proven strategies for improving your mental well-being


A gentle and welcoming place to share and explore your current challenges


A LIVE Q&A where we can address some of your most burning questions.

In this workshop you will learn
Causes of Anxiety & Stress

Learn the main causes of anxiety, how to recognize them and what we can do to create environments which reduce our triggers and help us sustain joy, happiness and peace.

The Science of Feeling Better

We will examine some of the neuroscience and biology behind how stress and anxiety is created and more importantly, how it can be reduced. Exploring these mechanisms helps us fully appreciate the power of the techniques.

Practical Strategies

Together we will learn proven mind-body-breath  techniques which can significantly reduce our anxiety levels. All are easy to understand and apply, they just need to be practiced diligently and consistently.

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I know how you feel!

Periods of massive indecision

Fatigue and exhaustion


Dreading and worrying


Low motivation

Relationship challenges ​



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My name is Brad Reed,
I am a Transformational Wellness Coach

I have struggled with ALL of these!


I too, reached a breaking point in my life and have spent the last 11 years growing, changing, making mistakes and trying to become best version of myself. I have been able to learn some of the best practices in the world (from some of the best people) around healing, personal development, performance, growth, mental health, happiness and change. 

I promise you, I can help! If you show up willing and eager to take action, you will undoubtedly not only feel better but also gain clarity on how to improve your well-being in the long run. I have spent more hours than I can remember learning to free myself from suffering.


If you're ready, let me show you!

Reviews of people who trusted me

I’ve participated in Brad’s Stress workshop and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the different group exercises that taught us how to deal with stress and I loved getting to understand how different we are as humans. Brad is a fun, sociable and relatable person and I highly recommend his workshops. I’m calling all awakeners to use of his services!

Sophie Tam 


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If you have any questions, write to me.

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